About Us


Mazonit Y.C.R.L. Ltd. started out in 1976 as a registered partnership and in 1982 was registered as a limited private company Ltd. Mazonit was set up by the late Yehiel Cherki (passed away in 2001, may he rest in peace) and Rafi Lior.


The company's logistics center, including offices, warehouses and loading spaces, is sitting on an area of 13 acres in the industrial area of Kibbutz Einat.  Mazonit Owns and operates a fleet of trucks and a large team of skilled workers with a goal to give an immediate response to each customer's needs throughout the country. The company specializes in import and marketing of various types of wooden and decorative panels to the furniture and construction industries, with special attention to the requirements of architects. The guiding principles in all of the company's activities are reliability, quality and service. Holding a vast amount of varied stock, Mazonit is able to provide immediate solutions to every project.


Mazonit is Israel's leading import and marketing company of raw materials that include:  Plywood, High Pressure Laminates, MFC, etc.  Mazonit is the exclusive distributor of Sonae Industria's MFC panels, which are known for their exceptional quality and they hold the highest European standard: ISO 9001-2000.


All boards imported by our company meet the requirements set by the Standard Institution of Israel and the highest European standards.


Recently and in light of the growing awareness of the environment, the company decided to import green, ecological materials. The new product line, entirely made in the United States, includes ecological surfaces from recycled paper, bamboo products: butcher block table tops and flooring, wall coverings, coconut tiles, boards from wheat and sorghum stalks and formaldehyde-free plywood. The green product line is produced rapidly renewable materials, recycled materials and is without added Formaldehyde. One of the advantages of the use of these products is that it allows the accumulation of LEED points in accordance with the specifications of each product.

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